Dog education and training

The Breeding Dei Real Nardi is a dog center for dog education and training.

We have two fields for training and agility.

We organize internships and meetings for the preparation of patents and obedience.

We collaborate with dog trainers recognized by ENCI and for which in-depth training is required, both in terms of regulations and principles of ethology and conditioning.

To highlight the natural qualities of dogs, we submit them to a training course that respects the nature and characteristics of the species.

Training is an activity that allows dogs to develop their attitudes and their relationship with humans in the best possible way, provided that it takes place with non-coercive methods and in compliance with its limits and characteristics.

The training of the German shepherd

Early training and leadership
  • The character, the intelligence and ease of learning of the working German Shepherd (gray or black) make it perfect both for life at home and for carrying out safety and rescue services, agility e sport.
  • If he is fully educated since he was a puppy, will be a faithful animal, balanced and absolutely reliable.
  • In our center we have two fields fully equipped for dog training activities.

Utility and defense tests

Jabina Otis

Tender moments

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